Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings, Pro Longboard Bearings, 608, ABEC (Pack of 8)

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Have you tried bearings that fall apart after just a few uses? Or found that you have to sacrifice performance and durability for less expensive bearing brands? Well look no further because more people choose Yellow Jacket Bearings than any other because they are durable, high performing, and most importantly easy on the wallet. Quality Balls designed with premium chrome steel for smooth gliding and optimal performance. Bearing cage is built with high speed nylon for greater strength and less friction. The stainless steel roller cage is injected with high speed race lube so the bearings are ready for use out of the box. Most race bearings are priced extremely high but Yellow Jacket Bearings give you the race performance you want for only a fraction of the cost. These bearings have been tested up against all other big name brands and not only did they last longer but they glided further distances at higher speeds. If you are looking for VALUE look no further than Yellow Jacket Bearings. Yellow Jacket Shield is designed to keep out all dust, rocks, and particles that will slow your bearings down over time. Its patented technology is unmatched and with the Yellow Jacket engraving everyone will know the bearings you are rolling!